Airco History

Airco started in 1994 as an Industrial Maintenance contractor in Savannah, GA providing piping and mechanical services for the local industrial market.  Within a short time frame, Airco received an opportunity to support Savannah Electric Power (now GA Power) at plant McIntosh.  After a successful project execution, Airco expanded their support for GA Power to the Kraft and McManus plants.  This initiated a period of steady and successful growth for Airco, particularly within the power generation business, with offerings and services for gas and steam turbines and generator field and outage services. Through continuously achieving high customer satisfaction, Airco was able to build a reputation for providing quality and value services for its customer base, as well as maintaining excellent employee satisfaction and talent retention.

In 2012 Airco was acquired by Azalea Capital, headquartered in Greenville South Carolina.  Azalea, aware of Airco’s long established history of quality services and repeat customer business, recognized Airco as its “vehicle of choice” to enter into the power industry with a reputable service provider coupled with a series of other investments covering multiple service lines and product services.